27 87

Wandervogel, 87 ml Edp


It is the irresistible impulse to board a plane, leave the familiar and explore the unknown.

Shiso leaves give you an exotic touch of the far away. Marine notes catch the salty sea breeze; a hint of sand literally lets you smell the beach under your feet. A true particularity: the soft touch of Moroccan mint in this ingenious combination lets you feel the excitement to depart to your next destination!

Product Benefits

The white opaque 87ml bottle design escapes the traditional glass bottle, inviting to experience each scent with the most important sense: SMELL.
SHAPE: Modern blunted rectangles, characteristic from technological devices.
PACKAGING: Every 27 87 perfume is unique, so is each packaging design. It conveys the inspiration, emotion or ingredients of the liquid inside the bottle.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Mint, Shiso Leaves, Marine Accord
Mid: Anise, Fennel, White Floral
Base: Musk, Sand Accord

Nose: Shyamala Maisondieu


Alcohol denat., parfum, Aqua, Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene, Linalool.

Eau de parfum - 87 ml
EAN 8437016071038

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