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Home Spray 200 ml - Verde Di Kent



For those taking everything too seriously

The “Soul’s Potions Line” is an ironic revisiting of ancient potions, mixed with the conviction that nothing more than nature and its perfumes can take us closer to our true essence, our truest nature.

Remedies to improve the mood and favour happiness.

They evoke positive sensations and are useful to trigger optimism, encourage to an immoderate light heartedness, dust off congenital but asleep hilarity, and stimulate a strong inclination to exceed in good taste.

Olfactory Profile

Freshly mowed down grass, flowers and field sprouts to talk directly to the heart, to listen to olfactory memory bonded to the pleasure of simple things.

RECIPE: five pounds of field grass mowed before noon, two ounces of clover flowers, a pound of wild buttercups and cornflower, a handful of homegrown tomatoes, some cricket in the head and a good amount of gaiety.

More Info

RITUAL: spray in the air, go back to being a child and spread wings turning round and round in whirls until all thoughts have fallen in the feet tickling grass. Exaggerate doses if a sense of inadequacy persists.

Home Spray


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*Anna Paghera’s fragrances are guaranteed by the compliance to Ifra standards (International Fragrance Association)

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