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Essential Oil 30 ml - Amuletum


“The Elixir of Luck” is propitiatory, especially if brought as a gift.

A precious mix of pure essential oils in 30ml dropper bottles.

It is enclosed in special absolute black bottles. Thanks to this material choice the whole visible light spectrum is completely blocked, guaranteeing unaltered the organolectic characteristics of the product to be used in the ultrasounds diffuser.

Elixir collection: home fragrances and tonics for the mind, for the home, workplace and psycho-physical wellbeing. Compositions of medieval inspiration made to perfume, purify and sanitize the air and thoughts. Elixirs for every room and for every daily gesture, made with precious essences of plants, wood, flowers, mosses and natural resins, artfully grown and processed according to the strictest criteria.

WARNING: they safeguard wellbeing and the quality of the environment.

Olfactory Profile

An aromatic composition of pure amber, cedar wood, fragrant bark resins, myrrh and patchouli to pour precious scents in the air and create a bold and euphoric mood.

Auspicious essence to start anything on the right foot.

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Essential Oil


EAN 8056732864566

*Anna Paghera’s fragrances are guaranteed by the compliance to Ifra standards (International Fragrance Association)

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