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Essential Oil 30 ml - Bianco Di Ninive



For those looking to find themselves again

A precious mix of pure essential oils in 30ml dropper bottles.

It is enclosed in special absolute black bottles. Thanks to this material choice the whole visible light spectrum is completely blocked, guaranteeing unaltered the organolectic characteristics of the product to be used in the ultrasounds diffuser.

Remedies to improve the mood and favour happiness.

They evoke positive sensations and are useful to trigger optimism, encourage to an immoderate light heartedness, dust off congenital but asleep hilarity, and stimulate a strong inclination to exceed in good taste.

Olfactory Profile

The inebriating perfume of fleshy and balsamiferous white flowers to re-evoke the sensual pleasure of walking barefoot on a carpet of fragrant petals.

RECIPE: seven ounces of newly blossomed dare flowers, three pounds of white poppies picked with good care, a spoon of caramel powder, one ounce of abelmosk seeds, on pod of Polynesian vanilla, four rhymes blessed with tender poetry.

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Essential Oil


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*Anna Paghera’s fragrances are guaranteed by the compliance to Ifra standards (International Fragrance Association)

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