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Never Spring Scented Candle 220g


Let our natural concrete candle fill your homes with calming aromas of birch, lemon and cedar wood.

Never Spring is inspired by the longing for spring and the first flower buds pushing up through the last snow - a crisp and soft scent of birch, lemon and cedar wood.

Product benefits

The candle is vegan, 100% natural, with biodegradable and vegan wax. The lacquered concrete jar is hand-poured in Sweden and inspired by our nature’s elements.

The candle burns for 45-hours. When it is burnt out, make use of its container as a flower pot, vase or a pencil stand.

Top: Lemon, Blackberry, Peach
Heart: Jasmine, Cyclamen, Bamboo
Base: Musk, Cedar Wood, Amber

How to use

For best experience keep candle wick trimmed and burn for 1 hour the first time and follow with maximum 4 hour burn at each time for an even burn. Total 45 hour burn.

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100% Natural wax
100% Biodegradable wax
100% Vegan wax
Hand poured in Sweden

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