Blush Brush


AIIEVEN's BLUR is a premium brush with an angled design consisting of ultra-soft, high quality synthetic fibres. The slanted shape is ideal for applying and sculpting our COLOUR SHIELD spray foundation, as well as an essential brush to easily and precisely contour your jawline and beneath your cheekbones.

Product benefits

High Quality Brush Created from:

- beech wood from controlled logging forests (handle)
- solvent-free Lacquer
- recyclable aluminium (clamp)
- high density of very soft and fine (0.10) synthetic fibres.
How to use

For a quick and simple application for all occasions: once the COLOUR SHIELD spray has been applied to the face, gently swirl the brush using small circular movements on the areas that need more coverage.
BLUR is a contouring and blending brush that can also be used to apply blush. Swirl the brush into the product you wish to apply and tap off the excess; gently glide the brush back and forth below the cheekbones to emphasize your natural contours. Re-apply for an even more chiselled look.

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Vegan, Handmade and Sustainable for all kinds of formulas.

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