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Diffuser Sticks 200ml - Quid In +


“The Charm Elixir” is fresh and soothing, suitable for places where you love to read.

Elixir collection: home fragrances and tonics for the mind, for the home, workplace and psycho-physical wellbeing. Compositions of medieval inspiration made to perfume, purify and sanitize the air and thoughts. Elixirs for every room and for every daily gesture, made with precious essences of plants, wood, flowers, mosses and natural resins, artfully grown and processed according to the strictest criteria.

Product Benefits

For an average fragrance intensity, it is sufficient to flip them once a week.If you wish for a more intense fragrance, flip the sticks more often.

WARNING: they safeguard wellbeing and the quality of the environment

Olfactory Profile

Unripe cypress berries, musky bark and wormwood.

Evokes the scent of ancient green labyrinths and beautiful timeless gardens, full of charm and an undeniable "something more".

More Info

Diffuser Sticks - 200ml

EAN 8056732864115

*Anna Paghera’s fragrances are guaranteed by the compliance to Ifra standards (International Fragrance Association)

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