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Raush - Eau De Parfum - 50 ml



Rausch is an exciting and sensual fragrance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin, which depicts the legendary nightlife of the German capital. With spicy chords and a hint of the noble oud the new composition embodies the dark and mysterious club scene of Berlin. Perfumer Véronique Nyberg insisted on looking for inspiration in a long night out at Berlin's famous Club Berghain.

The result is truly intoxicating: Cypriol, patchouli and the perfume oil of the vanilla bean provide the warm and woody heart of Rausch, which is stimulated by red pepper in the top note. The perfume base of amber and oud complements the other ingredients of Rausch perfectly. But this olfactive creation by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin does not only portrait the capital’s current night scene - the legendary festivities and celebrations back in the glorious 1920s must have been equally intoxicating in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin.

Olfactory Profile

The Excitement: Pink Pepper & Sandalwood

Addictive Mystery: Cypriol & Patchouli Heart & Vanilla Bean
Overdose: Amber & Oud

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Eau de Parfum

50ml / 1.7 FL.OZ
EAN 4260316020031

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